Gayla Hodson

Exhibit - Plainfield Public Library's 4th Annual Arts Gala Perspective. Starlight Reception Friday  April 15, 7 P.M. - 10 P.M.

Open to the public Saturday 9-5, and Sunday 1-5

April 15, 16, 17-2016

Installation-Cincinnati Children's Hospital Clinical Pavilion installation. Seven works were created for the new facility.  During my art making work shops with the researchers...the paintings inspired the composition for my final works by interweaving the cellular structures' gestural forms with elements of nature.  Below is just one of the pieces that can be found in the Pavilion. 

I have always felt energy from urban landscapes. The architecture and the people who dwell in urban settings give off a wonderful vibe that I feed off of.

Since I was a child I have loved flowers and nature..  Their shapes and colors draw me in giving me a feeling of happiness, peace and joy.  

The simple shape of a heart I find to be inspiring and fun. The image opens up so many possibilities for colors, shapes, and forms. 

Painting with out the confines of 

an image is fun!  The composition becomes about color, shape and texture.  

2015-2016 Exhibits and installations